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.." What would life be without wine? Wine drunk at the right time and in the right amount produces  gaiety and joy of the heart and soul. . . ".

Wine is an ancient drink, it was probably born by chance, only through years of studies,  increasingly  better winemaking techniques have been established. Its  a product created by man and nature, the latter alone would only result in vinegar! Not only used as a beverage, but in many culinary preparations, giving  delicious aromas and flavors. Amongst the many components of wine, there are some ingredients which are responsible for the positive aspects that a good glass of wine can play in our body. Moderate amounts act as a stimulation and activate  digestion, the occurrence of gallstones in contrast, stimulates diuresis, the potassium in the wine invigorates and stimulates our muscles, improves circulation, bringing  "bad" cholesterol degradation by promoting the production the so-called "good" cholesterol. Finally, ethyl alcohol thins the blood, helping to prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases, it stimulates our immunal system and cellular aging, because some antioxidants (present in larger amounts in red wines) fight free radicals,  ethyl alcohol in small amounts can act as a partial antidepressant (therefore never mix alcohol with antidepressants).


Seen in this manner it seems to be a miraculous drink, but always be careful with the quantity and especially the quality.


In short, if we want to drink, drink well! Life is too short to drink bad wine!