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The Oltrepò Pavese, with its curious bunch shaped form delimiting the territory, is the land around the area south of the province of Pavia, nesting between the provinces of Alessandria (west) and Piacenza (east). It stretches about 70 km south of the right bank of the Po, rising gradually upwards towards mountainous altitudes, reaching about 1000 m. on its southern outcrop.

Along the entire line of the hills coasting the Po plain along Via Emilia, there are the 78 municipalities with Oltrepò towns, rural villages and castles, fields and vineyards where the varieties of grapes cultivated produce the typical fine wines of the Oltrepò Pavese. Viticulture mainly occupies the hilly areas and is particularly vocated for the production of both red and white vines especially: for both full-bodied red wines and full flavour Barbera, Bonarda, Uva rara, etc.. and Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, Muscat, Malvasia, etc..

The Village of Montù Beccaria is located east of the Oltrepò Pavese near the entrance of the Val Versa, it dominates the surrounding lower lands and has always been renowned for the production of grapes and wines of quality, honour and pride of this generous terroir.

Castles to visit Museums
Castello di Montalto Pavia Olevano Lomellina
Castello di Cecima Casteggio Pieve del Cairo
Castello di Oramala Certosa di Pavia Romagnese
Castello di Zavattarello Chignolo Po S.Cristina e Bissonea
Castello di Cigognola Frascarolo Sartirana
Castello di Montebello della Battaglia Gambolò Varzi
Castello di Montesegale Mede Vigevano
Castello di Stefanago Montalto Pavese Voghera

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